Hypnosis is a natural state of focused attention that can be used to help you improve the quality of your life. Watch the video below to learn more about how hypnotherapy can help create positive change in thoughts, feelings and actions. For specialised advice on whether hypnotherapy is a match for you, and how it would specifically work in your case, just complete our free online consultation using the link below. Click here for your Free Online Consultation >

“Massively beneficial. Enjoyable, encouraging, an opportunity to reset and align oneself.”

— 96% of clients found the process enjoyable —

Frequently Asked Questions

What is hypnosis?
Hypnosis is a natural state of focused attention that is helpful for creating positive change in how you think, feel and act.
What is hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes, such as overcoming challenges or achieving goals, that relate to your thinking, emotions and habits.
What type of therapeutic methods are used?
In clinical hypnotherapy an experienced psychologist/psychotherapist helps you to make use of guided attention, and imagination, to help bring about positive change. Within that state of focus a variety of cognitive and behavioural techniques are used to bring therapeutic progress.
What does hypnosis feel like?
Hypnosis is something that we naturally experience in day to day life. Everyday examples include being caught up in a book you’re reading, or watching a film on TV. You’re completely aware, but focused, in a way that makes it easier to create positive change.
What can I expect when I attend?
Hypnotherapy sessions are like physiotherapy sessions, but for the mind. When you attend you’ll chat with your therapist about what you want to achieve, put a strategy in place, and start to practice change using hypnotherapy. Following the session tools and supports will be made available for you to continue to practice.
How many sessions are needed? How long a programme should I attend?
A programme can be anything from a single visit through to more advanced work that takes place over time, depending on how complex the topic you need help with is. The nice thing about this type of therapy is that it is modular, meaning that you can attend as many sections of work as is appropriate for your circumstances at a pace that’s right for you. As an applied form of therapy, significant work takes place from the very beginning, and multimedia supports and other tools are provided so that you can practice in your own time.
Is the therapy covered by health insurance/workplace supports/tax relief?
Dr John Francis Leader is a Chartered Psychologist of the Psychological Society of Ireland (M4636C). The clinic will provide you with receipts that may be used for claiming from your private insurer if you have a suitable policy, your workplace or for use as tax relief if eligible. It’s important to confirm coverage first as circumstances can vary.
How are challenges addressed?
Having a problem doesn’t necessarily mean that something is wrong with you, it’s often simply the case that an old way of thinking isn’t working anymore. Or sometimes we lack a full understanding of how our own body and mind works and therefore don’t get the results that we might like. Our approach to creating improvement is based on gaining a systemic understanding of what the difficulty is and taking meaningful action to do something about it.
How are goals achieved?
Some people attend hypnotherapy because there are difficulties in their life, whilst for others its not so much a specific problem as it is a desire to develop their life in a particular way. It may be career, relationships, education, sports, artistic performance or simply your day to day life. Improvement is possible by finding even more efficient ways of doing the same things as well as approaching tasks and personal goals that, up until this point, may have seemed daunting.
How do I attend?
Sessions are carried out by secure live video link, or over the phone. This is an effective, environmentally friendly and convenient way to attend with the added benefit that distance or accessibility are not an issue. You just need a quiet private space and a connection.
What challenges or goals can hypnotherapy help me with?
Hypnotherapy can be used to help enhance your wellbeing by improving patterns of thinking, feeling and acting so that you can achieve goals, overcome challenges and manage and respond more effectively. See below for a list of common reasons why clients attend.

“Very nervous at the beginning but became very comfortable during the sessions. Overall great experience.”

— 98% of clients felt they learnt something of value —

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Hypnotherapy can help with achieving goals and overcoming challenges that are to do with how you think, feel and act. Our specialised hypnotherapy programmes are all about focusing on you and your life and designing and applying a customised therapeutic plan. You have the option of attending by secure video link or by phone. You can choose to attend over a period of time so that you can integrate the therapy into your lifestyle, or you can attend a shorter more-intensive programme. Here are a few of the most common reasons why clients attend:

AddictionGriefPublic Speaking
CreativityObsessionsSports Focus
DrinkingPain ControlStress
Driving AnxietyPanic AttacksStudy Habits
Exam NervesPerformanceUndereating
Fear of FlyingPhobias
Goal SettingPositivity + lots more

CARE Commitment: The core of what we do is based in quality. We firmly believe that something as important as supporting your wellbeing must be done with CARE: Confidentiality, Assurance, Respect and Empowerment.

“John’s approach, expertise and calm & encouraging manner was so helpful, right from the first session. I also found his follow-up notes and audio downloads very useful.”

— Clients found the process 81% effective in terms of achieving goals, and 89% effective in terms of improving their approach —

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Dr John Francis Leader

Dr John Francis Leader (JFL) is a consulting psychologist, psychotherapist and cognitive scientist who specialises in the use of imagination and experiential learning to help people improve the quality of their lives. John’s qualifications include a Degree in Psychology, Diplomas in Psychology, Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy, and a PhD in Cognitive Science from University College Dublin.

John splits his time between private practice and research, based in the Psychology Department at University College Dublin where he is an Adjunct Research Fellow. John also conducts training programmes and workshops for teams, businesses and organisations. John regularly features in the media (see links below) and is the host of #bodymindself on YouTube, SoundCloud & iTunes.

As featured on: Newstalk | 98FM | Irish Independent | Spin 103.8| Virgin Media TV | FM104 | Q102 | 96FM | thejournal.ie

“John has a wealth of knowledge in the area of hypnosis and psychotherapy, both of which helped me immensely on my quest to achieving my ultimate goal of improving my levels of concentration.”

— 97% of clients would recommend the process —

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