John Francis Leader

Originally from Dublin, Ireland, John Francis Leader has traveled and worked in many parts of the world including Europe, the United States and India and in that time has continued to feed his passion for people, learning more about what makes us who we are with each day that passes.

John splits his time between research, based in University College Dublin, and private practice. John also spends a significant amount of time conducting training programmes and workshops for teams, businesses and organisations.

Besides John’s life full of experience in the nature of people, his qualifications include a Degree in Psychology, a Diploma in Psychology, a Diploma in Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy and an Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy. As part of his research work he is currently completing a PhD in Cognitive Science at University College Dublin.

John is a graduate member of both the Cognitive Science Society and the Psychological Society of Ireland and is a certified member and accredited supervisor within the Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Association.

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Quality Commitment

The core of what we do is based in quality – we firmly believe that something as important as your personal and professional wellbeing must be done right.

As a commitment to our clients we offer an assurance of seven aspects that we feel are essential in quality service; Dedication, Confidentiality, Integration, Empowerment, Integrity, Results and Assurance.


You will receive diligent, dedicated and enthusiastic support.


Your confidentiality will be considered paramount when you consult privately, subject to our confidentiality policy. You will be respected and supported in a sensitive and non-judgemental manner.


You will always be considered more important than any particular technique or approach and a number of methods will be integrated and applied in a way that is considered best for your wellbeing.


Our central goal is to empower you and facilitate you in being in control of your own life. Guided assistance will never be excessive and you will never be asked to commit to a duration of support that is considered longer than necessary for your effective personal development.


You will be supported by a trained professional who ‘practices what they preach’. The person who is supporting you will be a person who has a strong commitment to balanced living and personal development.


We will always disclose in advance exactly what results can be expected from using a particular approach or technique. Results, although naturally varying from person to person, will always be achieved in line with the expectations you have been given.


Should we fail to live up to any part of our Quality Guarantee we will be pleased to offer you a full refund of 100% of any fees paid by you for the session in question.